Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Cheater Gets The Whipping

The Cheater Gets The Whipping


Discovering that his wife has been cheating, a man hires two brutes to take her, and exact revenge by beating her ass, all while he watches on closed circuit TV. The guys he's hired simply follow her down the street in their car. When the time is right, they jump her and throw her into the back seat of their car.

Naturally, the girl struggles, kicks and tries to scream, but it's to no avail. Eventually, she is laid face down, her skirt is hiked up, and her naughty, cheating bottom is revealed. Since it's already in the perfect position, the "hired hand" decides to begin the spanking right in the backseat as they drive away!

File name: 678_SPV_The_Cheater_Gets_The_Whipping.wmv
Size: 228 MB
Duration: 00:24:29
Resolution: 480x360


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