Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spanking For The Part & Caddy's Lesson

Spanking For The Part & Caddy's Lesson

Stars: Sandy, Caddy, Phoenix (M)

Spanking For The Part & Caddy's Lesson

Caddy’s shopping privileges have been revoked. She comes home hours late with no shopping done and she’s been out with friends tossing back a few. She gets spanked, paddled, and caned for this indiscretion, resulting in a very sore Caddy. Meanwhile, Sandy is looking to star in a movie. Phoenix has her lay over his knees on the casting couch for a little spanking. After that, he takes off his belt for a little more, and then he busts out the cane.

File name: 377_FS_.wmv
Size: 910,18 Mb
Duration: 01:03:10
Resolution: 640x480


Strictly Spanked & Purged

Strictly Spanked & Purged

Stars: Ralph Marvell, Ten Amorette

A pretty curvaceous method actress has landed a great role in a historical film where she will play a novice in a strict religious order, who must undergo mortification of the flesh, including corporal punishment and purging.

As Miss Amorette has never experienced these indignities, and barely understands what the phrases signify, she books time with Dr. Marvell at the Braemar Clinic, in order to scientifically research her role.

The shapely brunette hands the therapist a list of punishments and ordeals her character will be subjected to in the convent, asking the doctor to recreate both the spanking and enema discipline a nun might routinely endure for the purification of her body and mind.

Naturally, Dr. Marvell is happy to embrace the experiment and immediately demonstrates to Miss Amorette what a stinging, over the knee bare bottom spanking truly feels like. Completely unprepared for this much pain and humiliation, the surprised, but dedicated actress squeals in protests as the medico's huge hand descends on her beautiful, bare, upturned bottom.

After a long, hard spanking that leaves the plucky thespian's backside pink, Dr. Marvell bids her undress for the second phase of her punishment, a fully nude inspection, a vibrating anal probe and then, a warm water enema, to be retained during a second bracing spanking. The girl is ready to die with shame when the nozzle is pressed into her bottom, but she did ask for it.

This novel twist on a clinical discipline therapy theme allows Ten to display all her charms while blushing with embarrassment. Dr. Marvell masterfully exposes the sweetly yielding actress, spanks, spreads, plugs and finally, purges her, to bring this explicit anal erotic scenario, along with its heroine, to a satisfying climax.

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Size: 572,86 Mb
Duration: 00:40:35
Resolution: 640x480


Final Selections

Final Selections

Stars: Mandy, Natasha, Charlotte, Pete, Annabelle

Natasha and Pete, representatives of Britain's leading record company, have caused quite a stir by staging auditions for pop idols. After numerous auditions a few of the acts are brought back for some final selections.

Charlotte enters the room, and is told in no uncertain terms, that although she is a beautiful girl her voice is not quite up to par. There is, however, one chance for her to enter the final round. She must accept a spanking and caning thereby by passing the usual channels.

Her schoolgirl knickers are soon removed and the sobbing young lady is put through a humiliating series of punishments culminating in the cane. The next girl, Mandy, is also persuaded to take the cane in order to ensure her continued interest in the competition. Finally, Annabelle enters and is told that not only does she need lessons, but that a padding and caning is really what it takes to stay in the audition. All of our young ladies have passed with flying colors!

File name: 375_FS_.wmv
Size: 846,48 Mb
Duration: 01:30:59
Resolution: 480x360


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ravaged Buns

Stars: Mika Tan, Francesca Le', Sharon Kane, Angie Storm

Ravaged Buns

Ready for some spank spank!

Danny is on the prowl for a new maid; one who can deliver more than a tidy house. Her applicants are two real beauties, but it'll take more than a pretty face to and cute ass to land the prestigious position.

File name: 374_FS_.wmv
Size: 596,14 Mb
Duration: 01:04:00
Resolution: 480x360


Trouble From The Troubleshooter 2

Stars: Gerry (Female)

California Star is proud to present ‘Trouble From the Troubleshooter Part 2.” Gerry, the receptionist, is next to be summoned to the troubleshooter when an incorrect document brought chaos to the health club’s kitchens. This is a major embarrassment, so hard strokes of the cane after a preliminary spanking and paddling is just reward for this young ladies mistakes! Shortly thereafter the gym instructor has her bottom spanked and paddled for disciplinary purposes. After the troubleshooter has finished one of the managers finds her swishy cane and uses it unsparingly on the attractive pool attendant. She has forgotten to put chemicals into the club spa. This has been a very busy day for discipline at the health club.

File name: 373_FS_.wmv
Size: 508,16 Mb
Duration: 00:54:20
Resolution: 640x480


Punished For Masturbating

Stars: Tiffany, Lauren Legends, Nikki Flynn, Elizabeth Simpson, Hannah Crawford, Kirstin Kiss

Punished For Masturbating

Good girls shouldn't touch themselves in naughty places. These schoolgirls find themselves in trouble after they are caught pleasuring themselves with their hands and dildos. They must be punished for such naughtiness. But, it is of no use if they enjoy the punishment the same as the offense.

File name: 372_FS_.wmv
Size: 449,6 Mb
Duration: 00:50:44
Resolution: 768x576


Monday, April 15, 2013

Rumour's #3

Rumour's #3

Stars: Sara, Daisa

Some people never learn. After punishing Sara in Rumors part 1 and her husband in Rumors part 2 for fooling around behind her back together. They still have not learned their lesson.
Now in Part 3 see what happens when Daisa finds her husband and Sara in a hotel room after all their promises. Furious when she finds them she turns them both over her knee and spanks them both as the other watches until their bottoms are red. She then compels Sara to perform oral sex on her while her husband watches. Then she paddles Sara good and hard and drags her to the corner. Then she takes her husband and makes him sit on his sore bottom while she sits on top of him and fucks him while Sara watches.
After Daisa orgasms she prohibits her husband from getting off until she says. Instead she takes him by the ear and marches both him and Sara to the bed. They swear they will do whatever she says if she will forgive them. So Daisa decides to have her husband performs anal sex on Sara. While ordering him to fuck her ass good and hard she straps his ass. When he is ready to get off she allows him but only as she severely beats his bare bottom with a large wooden hairbrush leaving a number of welts and bruises. Does she forgive them after this? Wait and see.

File name: 371_FS_.wmv
Size: 470,33 Mb
Duration: 00:51:21
Resolution: 640x426


The Internet Thief

The Internet Thief

The Internet Thief

2008 AVN Award Nominee for Best Spanking Release.

This poor guy had no idea what he was in for. I feel sorry for any person I catch trying to steal my material from my website. See what happens for real when I catch him and lure him back to my home!. He is punished over the knee with my hand and a hairbrush. Then he is bent over and strapped big time! SEVERE!

File name: 370_FS_.wmv
Size: 503,49 Mb
Duration: 00:54:00
Resolution: 480x360


Spanked From Dawn To Dusk

Spanked From Dawn To Dusk

Paul is late for an important interview and can't find his one clean shirt he laid out ready the night before. When he awakes his wife, Jenny, he discovers her wearing it as a night gown! Of course he hauls her out of bed for an early morning spanking and tells her he wants all the washing done by the time he returns. Unfortunately, Jenny's day goes from bad to worse as first the washing machine breaks down and then after the repair man fixes it, she discovers that she has no money to pay him. Surely there can he only one way that debt is repaid? When Paul finally arrives home and finds her in bed nursing a sore bum with no washing done, he is less than impressed with her explanation and decides to teach her a proper lesson.

File name: 369_FS_.wmv
Size: 536,64 Mb
Duration: 01:02:00
Resolution: 480x360


Monday, April 8, 2013

Sex & Spanking With Kailee & Seth

Sex & Spanking With Kailee & Seth

Stars: Kailee, Seth McCallister

Spanking superstar Kailee makes her hardcore debut!

Seth is annoyed with his beautiful girlfriend Kailee for flirting with other boys at the party they have just returned home from. He accuses her of disrespecting him and tells her that she needs a good spanking. Protesting her innocence, Kailee is swept across Seth's lap in her smart cocktail dress and immediately feels the impact of her sweetheart's severe hand on her bottom through the satin of her skirt. That skirt is soon pushed up to reveal Kailee's luscious backside, clad in a pair of black panties. Seth scolds and spanks Kailee hard, fully expressing his indignation at her flighty behavior.

Next Kailee's panties come down to expose her lush seat, tapering down to long shapely legs and elegant feet in sexy high heels. The tall, slim, stunning brunette is a leg and bottom man's dream with the face of a young Venus, a delicately sculpted, budding bosom and ravishingly ample behind.

Kailee takes her spanking sullenly, with pouts and frowns and then with squeals and cries. Seth is unmoved by her excuses and plays the jealous boyfriend to the hilt, belaboring her bottom smartly until she understands that she needs to give in and admit she was wrong before she can be forgiven.

After about twenty minutes of relentless hand spanking and leather paddling with a very solid paddle, Kailee finally apologizes for her slutty behavior and promises to be a good girl, her bottom much the rosier.

Their reconciliation is both romantic and erotic as hugs and kisses lead to oral sex and passionate love making. Kailee gets down on her knees to blow her guy and his meaty member feels the good of her skillful sucking and feathering tongue. Several classic positions of penetration follow, including doggy style and then with Kailee sitting on her lover's manly organ and riding it like a carousel pony. The hard cock in tight pussy action is explicit and lovely Kailee is fully nude from her perky breasts to her pinkened cheeks throughout the love scene, which concludes in mutual satisfaction.

Finally, to assert his ultimate control over his girl, Seth administers an additional, major, fully-nude spanking to Kailee, post orgasm.

Kailee is one of the most popular spanking models in the world. She wanted to make her hardcore sex and spanking debut for Shadow Lane with her real life boyfriend and that appealed to us. (It also surprised us, because Kailee has traditionally been a fairly modest performer, the butt-plug scene in "Ashley Pratt Is a Brat" being as far as she had ever gone before.)

Kailee and Seth proposed they become our "alt." (Alternative) spanking couple, as opposed to our traditional romance of discipline couple, to give their scene a different twist and one that was uniquely their own. The current generation of young spanking enthusiasts may look a little different than the baby boomers, but the attitude is basically the same, boyfriend knows best and girlfriend gets spanked. (Though Seth does divert to take Kailee by the hair, which is pretty hot.)

At 24 and 23, Kailee and Seth are the consummate young fetish couple, who play at B&D because they're into it. The loving making in this video is warm and real, with genuine hugs and kisses to sweetly counterbalance the hardcore pistoning. Gen Y embraces extremes, expressing its passion through physical means; spanking fits right into its radical mystique as does hard-hitting sex.

This serious discipline drama contains full nudity, hard, bare-bottom spanking, leather paddling, oral sex, explicit intercourse in classic sexual positions and a rousing hand spanking finale.

File name: 368_FS_.wmv
Size: 293,68 Mb
Duration: 00:32:00
Resolution: 480x360


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red & Spread #2

Red & Spread #2

Red & Spread #2

This girl gets the “Red & Spread” special. Her juicy ass gets the spanking of her fantasies until it is quite literally “beat” red, and afterwards, she gets a sensual fingering from her most gracious dominatrix. Unfortunately, her Dominatrix leaves her, and as she is not finished, the slave takes it upon herself to spank her own ass with a paddle until her appetite is sated.

File name: 367_FS_.wmv
Size: 259,43 Mb
Duration: 00:30:15
Resolution: 640x468


Nerdy Girl Gets A Red Ass

Nerdy Girl Gets A Red Ass

Nerdy Girl Gets A Red Ass

This movie features a nerdy girl who does not have a lot of sexual experience. Fortunately, for her she meets a vivacious blonde who happens to specialize in some frisky sexual play! The blonde realizes that the nerdy brunette is very submissive in nature and that she is probably very willing to play! The blonde dominatrix wastes no time as she spanks the nerdy girl’s ass and spanks her butt with various spanking objects! Come and watch the nerdy girl moan in pleasure!

File name: 366_FS_.wmv
Size: 242,66 Mb
Duration: 00:30:01
Resolution: 640x468


Spanking The Customer

Spanking The Customer

Spanking The Customer

Scorched presents: "Spanking the Customer." When a customer arrives at a bar, the bartender is enchanted by her and can think of nothing more than spanking her cute little ass. She seduces her customer into allowing her this fortune. She fingers her as she lightly spanks her ass, leaving her a pleasured mess. She also takes a paddle to her ass, making sure not to miss a spot. Her aim is to spank her ass into complete redness, which she does successfully. She satisfies her customer in ways she'd imagined she would since she walked up to the counter. Mission accomplished.

File name: 365_FS_.wmv
Size: 319,49 Mb
Duration: 00:33:54
Resolution: 640x426


Jessica & Brandi Punished Together

Jessica & Brandi Punished Together

Stars: Jessica, Trish, Jill, Brandi

Jessica & Brandi Punished Together

See the very best of legal teens - Jessica & Brandi, punished together. Watch as their bottoms become blistered by the paddle, hand, strap, and belt. Watch as their bare bottoms get redder and redder with each stinging slap. It's almost painful to watch!

File name: 364_FS_.wmv
Size: 530,7 Mb
Duration: 00:59:00
Resolution: 480x360


Special Detention

Special Detention

Stars: Sabrina Lavelle, Georgina Baillie

James and Gray, two of the naughtiest young women in St.Lukes have once again found themselves in detention hall. This time however the teacher in charge Mrs.Ravenscroft, a strict disciplinarian who is quick to use the cane despite it's recent ban by the courts. Rumors are that she uses a strap - on dildo, and if the women agree to be humiliated, she will lessen the degree of caning administered.

She readily spanks and canes the two leaving welts in their pretty bare bottoms .The girls are also made to spank each other before being bent over the desk for a lesson with the strap - on .This however turns the girls on after pleasing themselves they soon enjoy making love to one another on the conservatory floor.

File name: 362_FS_.wmv
Size: 501,84 Mb
Duration: 00:56:00
Resolution: 480x360


Caned With Honors

Caned With Honors

A young girls tutor is very dismayed to hear that her prized pupil has failed to make the grade in her degree. She summons the girl to her study where she keeps getting sexually turned on by men and can't help herself when the offer of sex is there and when it's not she constantly masturbates. This behavior, although natural for someone her age is not good for her academic career, and her tutor knows from experience that the best way to deal with this is to discipline the girl in the old British Style, using tawses and ultimately the cane, and this is what takes place much to the girls dismay.

Meanwhile another professor from the same University is busily beating another pupil in a similar fashion for not turning up for her final exams. The girl has totally wasted three years of both her time and more importantly, his. His frustration is clear to see as he tawses her with the "traditional University issued tawse". The beautiful bottoms of the two girls are sullied by the efficient performance of their elders.

File name: 361_FS_.wmv
Size: 555,57 Mb
Duration: 01:03:00
Resolution: 480x360