Friday, May 27, 2016

Stalin 3

Stalin 3

Stars: Marie Dvorakova, Katerina Dvorakova, Kristina Dvorakova, Sara Vojtiskova, Niki Flynn, Sarah Vilimkova, Michaela Trmotova, Lukas Wolf, Jiri Zabor, Karel Stibrany,Vaclav Josef Rejnek

The Lupus series, about poor young women, children of criminals of the State, who are savaged in institutions in occupied Europe in the 1940's. The actress Niki Flynn is featured here, an American daughter of a disgraced and deceased partisan. She was humiliated and beaten in an institution and will relive it for us in flashbacks as she testifies in a government hearing.

File name: 632_SPV_Stalin_3.wmv
Size: 411 MB
Duration: 00:55:47
Resolution: 384x288


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