Friday, May 27, 2016

Cyber Discipline IX

Cyber Discipline IX

Stars: Dawn Soul

Our Cyber Spanker from Cyber Discipline VIII was back at it again surfing the internet spanking chat rooms and finding another interested woman. This time it was Dawn Soul. Once again the meeting was set up at a posh hotel. When Dawn arrives he greets her at the door and wastes no time getting into it. Once again we have a very happy Cyber Spanker. He picks up very quickly on how turned on she is and takes it a little further. He realizes she is really enjoying the experience. He gives her a good hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush, a dose of the strap and even spanks her pussy. Our second time cyber spanker has a great time again and so will you.

File name: 633_SPV_Cyber_Discipline_IX.wmv
Size: 560 MB
Duration: 00:51:59
Resolution: 480x360


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