Saturday, October 15, 2016

Punishment Day

Punishment Day


Charismatic, unpredictable cult leader Adrian believes in regular bare-bottom punishment spankings for female cult members. Beautiful brunette Mandy and pretty, petite blonde Kristen report to Adrian, dressed only in their spanking robes. They humbly submit and prepare for their "Punishment Day" spankings.

Poor Kristen whimpers as she is taken over Mandy's knee. After the first strong spanks, she cries and screams. Mandy shows no hesitation and continues spanking the poor girl's naked rump until it's red. But no one in his cult can ever spank with the intensity Adrian demands. He commends Mandy for her work but insists on finishing Kristen's punishment himself, landing countless, rapid-fire whacks on her agonized, burning ass cheeks. When he deems this girl has had enough, he sends her to the floor, and commands Mandy to take up her position, across his knee. Soon, her ass is as punished as Kristen's.

Just to make sure that their Punishment Day lessons are thoroughly driven home, each girl is compelled to strip naked for fiery swats with a leather paddle. Intense whacks finish these girls' Punishment Day in stinging, smarting style!

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