Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jailbreak Hotel

Jailbreak Hotel


Stars: Daria Glower, Kamil Klein, Adayive Maria Lopez, Tomas Hlavsa

Can you imagine what can happen to a beautiful young mulatto woman who wants to get involved into the uncontrollable government power? What can such an exceptional beauty with innocent eyes expect from a dark prison she ends up in?

This beautiful mulatto is willing to enter the game of politics; but for her it starts with her entering a corrupted jail facility. Can you imagine what happens to a fresh piece of meat in the slammer?! The fact, that she has to share her cell with a seasoned, harsh and horny criminal, only foreshadows what will happen in the next few minutes… Right after her arrival to the cell, the unlucky girl has – despite her begging and struggling, her face shoved deep into the horny woman’s pussy until she comes. But this is not the end of all her initiation. She has to take off all her clothes, even panties, and the excited woman shoved a broom handle into her pussy while she screams again and again.

The poor used girl notifies the guard immediately – but her examination at the local doctor doesn’t look the way she expected – her suffering is about to continue…. The lecherous drunken doctor’s methods are most peculiar… his shaking hands in a rubber glove, touching her swollen pussy cause her alarm– she gets turned on even more after a few strokes just between her legs. And the conclusion? Negative, she made it all up for sure!

This is exactly what the guard was waiting for: an opportunity to get her alone! He takes her downstairs, into the dungeon deep under the building, equipped just for restraining such defiant girls! Helplessly tied to a medieval pillory, completely naked, she has to bear harsh belting on her bare bottom, until.... ... until the guard gets conquered by his own lust, unzips his trousers and gives this inmate a reason to scream – over and over with passionate abandon! Don’t worry, this is still not the end – and if you want to know how this story is going to continue, you have to see our new movie called Jailbreak Hotel.

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