Thursday, August 1, 2013

Discipline In Russia Volume 36

Discipline In Russia Volume 36

Stars: Nadya Dozorova, Gerry Gerashvilli, Nikita Mihalkov, Elena Frolova, Manira Katarasyan

Anya and Ira are at the club dancing and having a great time. Little do they know, they’re about to meet with some nefarious characters that wish them nothing but agony and humiliation. Meanwhile, George, Andrusha, and Dina are plotting the best way to acquire more slaves with which to punish vigorously. The three go to the club where Anya and Ira are dancing, meet the girls and strike up a conversation. They convince the girls to come back to their house with them to party with some famous people.

When the girls arrive they quickly learn that they have been duped! They are made to undress, and are humiliated with groping, nasty comments, and told to dance for their audience. They are made to crawl on the ground with leashes on while Andrusha whips them. And the awful Andrusha even canes one of the terrified girls! And this is only part one – their agony continues!

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