Monday, June 29, 2015

Maid For The Birch

Maid For The Birch

Stars: Danielle, Debbie

They had different standards in them there days. Two young maids, who work for the squire, are caught stealing and eating apples in the Beadle's garden by the squire. He sends them home immediately but it is too late, The Beadle has spotted them. Soon after, the plump beadle arrives at the squire's mansion demanding to birch the girls. The squire supplies him with a birch, and the Beadle waddles up to their rooms to give them a good birching. When he is gone, the squire is furious, having been severely embarrassed by the actions of his maids. He produces a cane and calls them down one by one for a thorough caning, not being overly impressed by the birching that the Beadle has handed out. Also included on this tape is a clip from the Moonglow Spanking Situations site where a step mother gives her step daughter student a long overdue spanking.

File name: 600_SPV_Maid_For_The_Birch.wmv
Size: 758 MB
Duration: 00:57:34
Resolution: 720x540


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