Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline

Stars: Leahnim Lavada, Cecil B.

This video contains two scenarios involving domestic discipline. The first is of a housewife being disciplined for stepping out with her friends, and making advances towards other men, when she should have been home taking care of the house. She is very obstinate and bratty about not paying attention to her household duties. She receives hand spanking, leather strapping, wood paddling, and a very good caning.

The second involves a college student who has been caught misbehaving at school. When confronted, she not only admits to being inattentive in doing her school work, but also tells her guardian, very haughtily, that she has done the whole football team. She receives a very stern corporal punishment session for her transgressions!

File name: 674_SPV_Domestic_Discipline.wmv
Size: 465 MB
Duration: 00:51:25
Resolution: 480x360


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