Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dark Room 2

Dark Room 2

Stars:Stars: Esmeralda Lung, Mallory King, Rita Goord, Jessica Lee, Mona Silvestre, Madame Lady Jenny, Claire Shine, Maximilian Lomp, Olie Fritz

Katie, who previously learned everything about her sister (vol.1), now reveals the secret about the forged court order to the wardress. This makes things complicated for them, so they must take immediate steps to prevent the bloody secret of the prison from becoming public. Their solution is simple but effective. But before they eliminate the 'VIP Suite', they hold a last, final session in the dark room...

File name: 671_SPV_Dark_Room_2.wmv
Size: 435 MB
Duration: 00:37:46
Resolution: 720x480


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