Friday, July 22, 2016

Lil' Sister

Lil' Sister

Stars: Tasha Lee, Cecil B., Dawn Soul

As the story begins the big sister, Tasha Lee, is fed up with her little sister, Dawn Soul. Not only has the bratty Dawn turn the house into a sty but Tasha has also discovered her naughty little sister has been stealing from her. Completely fed up, Tasha takes the naughty girl over her knees and proceeds to give her the kind of bottom thrashing the imperious Ms. Lee has become famous for. Unfortunately for Tasha in meting out discipline to her little sister she's broken the cardinal rule in her home _ she did not get advance permission to do so from her husband, Cecil B. What follows Cecils return home is a classic lesson in discipline where both ladies learn just who's in charge of this household.

File name: 651_SPV_Lil_Sister.wmv
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Duration: 00:44:47
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