Friday, May 27, 2016



Stars: Jessica Lee, White Angel, Meredith Mitchel, Mina Rider-Smith, Kelly Fox, Maximilian Lomp, Olie Fritz, Pablo

During the 2008 financial crisis, a manager of an investment company must fire a few stockbrokers. How will he decide which ones to fire? The female employees think that a 'private meeting' can keep their job safe. At the first meeting one of the girls makes a very big mistake.

How to save the situation? She offers her boss to punish her instead of firing her... The boss slowly finds out, that he can have more fun than having sex with the female employees. He begins to taste the girls' pain and after that, the girls really don't know what the 'private meetings' mean for them.

File name: 627_SPV_Crisis.wmv
Size: 776 MB
Duration: 00:54:02
Resolution: 720x480


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